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The Official 'American Idol' season 4 Thread


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the hispanic dude! yeah, c'mon people!


i think they actually have some kiddies that are a little better this year around. i think it's gonna be interesting. some of them can actually hit the notes. :idea2:


oh!! the one from NY!!?? I like him too... very soulful. :wink3:

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Woah it just happens Ive just seen the episode with the top 24!


And I can tell you, the guy with the curly hair got through, uh, the balding like 28 year old guy is through, and the girl with the bent nose.


I'll reveal the exclusive list later :cool:

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I only just caught the guys last night... :(


But was supposed to be the girls today, innit?



well maybe across the pond it is tonight.. but Tuesday we here in the US saw the girls.... be warned.. not at all that impressive.. Tonight are elliminations.. but dont worry.. I wont spoil it for you! :P

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