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Tracks we Know:

What If?

The Hardest Part

Square One

Till Kingdom Come



A Message



Brain Eno

David Bowie

Kraftwerk (talk contains hook from Computer Love)



Hopefully at least 12 as Chris and Will played "Track 12" to a small crowd recently.



Will described the radio by colour and animal: Blue and Snake



Will contain some small gigs in England and then some "Buzz" gigs in the United States.



Change from Ken Nelson during recording.


The Million Dollar Question

Release Date:

Who Knows???????


Please add anything we know or correct any mistakes above.

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Good idea.


How about a lyrics we already know as well:


What If:

"What if you decide/You dont want me there by your side..in your life"

"Every step you take could be your biggest mistake.../But that's the risk you take ".


'Til Kingdom Come: "For you I'd wait til kingdom come/Until my days, my days are done."


X&Y: "You and me are floating on a tidal wave together/You and me are drifting into outer space ."


The Hardest Part: "The hardest part was letting go, not taking part."

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I dont think these dates are accurate... the word I received from the coldplay camp themselves was that it was 'originally' set for March.. but its not going to happen.





I won't dispute the fact that nothing has come out of http://www.coldplay.com yet.


it does make me wonder how the shops decide on the date though... 10-sided dice anyone?

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kids kids.. Like I've said before...



the album wa slated for a late March release, but you know Chris and Co., they need the album to be perfect!! And with the rumors of it being leaked afew weeks back.. it has prompted them to head back into the studio.. ergo the CHANGE OF DATE!!! Stickers and posters.. promos etc were and had been already printed at this time.. but the date HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK!!!!


fact: its out in May, I can almost gaurantee it. :smug: I bet my bling it does!

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fact: its out in May' date=' I can almost gaurantee it. :smug: I bet my bling it does![/quote']


Im gonna take up that bet.Im still saying later march, early april. If your right then i'll donate ALL my bling to you, and if your wrong you donate ALL your bling to me. deal?

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