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can someone help me?


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i'm a bit embarassed to ask something to people i don't really know :embarrased:

here is my problem: I'm actually making a dissertation for my research degree. It deals with phonology and more precisely with intonation, specially in questions/answers pairs. I have to work on a sequence of the Britiish version of who wants to be a millionaire i have recorded in october while i was in london for a week end. my problem is that for my work i have to write all the sequence but sometimes i don't understand what is said :embarrased:

i have written almost every thing but there are still some gaps i don't succeed in hearing.

I have recorded the part i work on in mp3. If someone has the time, can you help me in filling in the gaps? I can send you the mp3 and the word document i have written.

I would really really be grateful for it.

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