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The following text was sent to me from my boyfriend, he's setting up a website with his sister to stop touts, and they need all the support they can get, eventually there will be a petition and they would really appreciate it if you could all sign it. Anyway..at least have a read of what he has to say, I'm sure many of you must have the same views, thanks Sammie.

Hey people,


As ticket touting is becoming more and more worse and genuine fans are finding it hard to get tickets to concerts and events, myself and my sister are trying to do something about it, we're creating a website with info about the problem, we'll be shortly makign an online petition for people to sign and also we currently have a message board set up for people to openly discuss the topic.


We have to start somewhere and hopefully we can get enough support from fans and high profile people too to help make a change in the law that prohibits touts buying tickets at face value and sellign them purely for profit at 2-3 times the value.


The forum still smells of that new car smell as I have just made it this afternoon, now we need your guys help and need you to sign up and maybe post some topics so that we can get people interested, as an empty board won't get very many people returning back...


The wensite address will be http://www.stop-the-touts.co.uk which currently is under construction, but the board is live over at http://www.stop-the-touts.co.uk/board so please head on over if you have 5 minutes and sign up and if you can, post a thread in support of this so we can make a difference!


Thanks guys!

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Its a good concept but you can't stop the touts, because there will always be people willing to pay ott for tickets. The thing is, there are more fans than shows, therefore there are always fans left out without tickets, even if you get rid of touts. Plus theres e-bay, touts would just sell on there and still get away with it.

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Gib is quite right there; there is law here that prohibites the touts (I hope I'm using the proper word) and still people buy some tickets ilegally and pay about 2 or 3 times the values. But note that we usually do not have big concerts, so that might be a reason.

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