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Ok we know 6 tracks from the new album and the last 2 albums were named from a track on the album.So out of the 6 tracks we know which one would u choose to be the name of the album?Til' Kingdom Come is my pick...sounds like it could work for the name of a Coldplay album.




-Til' Kingdom Come

-The Hardest Part


-What If

-Square One

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I really like What If? as an album title, and also Square One. But to me I don't think the album title has to be a track on the album, although you are right it has been their pattern so far. I think of those my lest favourites would be X&Y and The Hardest Part for album titles.

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i like Talk as an album title. I hope it's not a long title like A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD. and i hope there's no long titles like, GOD PUT A SMILE UPON YOUR FACE. I never liked referring to them to anybody in person, i felt like Time was slowing down and i'd been saying the song name for most my life... :beatnik: ......or something :disappointed:

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you kids are killing me with this 'new album jargon'.. lol but this is a little game of 'name that album'.. so, I'll leave it alone.. ;)



I say either Talk or X&Y... or.. Square One.. which someone in the Coldplay forum has already said was the title..



woohoo! I knew I had said it was one of my choices! :wink3: good call on the 'x&y' kids!



and I was off by a week.. (well I did say the album) but I was close!! May 23 for the single...



speed of sound! :cool:

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