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Gifts for an anniversary

Sweet One

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On Wednesday is my one year with my boyfriend. Crazy. Got any ideas for a gift? Yes, I procrastinated like a bitch with this one, but I was really busy and didn't have time to shop around for him.


Isn't there some sort of type of gift you're supposed to get? like, one year means you buy something paper or something..or is that marriage? :thinking:

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i think its any anniversary... (paper)



is there something he wants, like a game or something... OR (pervy stuff ahead) you can get a cute little sex game or something.. dice??? Something the both of you can enjoy??




hahahah! uh..ok. hahaha..I don't know. Hmmmm...I don't think he wants any more games....hmmm..this is gonna be a tough one.

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AAaanyyway Laura, as always Im here to seriously help your situation in a way that is useful to you, no really.


So heres my helpful input: :D




And in case your wondering, this isnt a joke, you CAN actually purchase this gift:




"Ladies, the Men's Underwear Repair Kit™ is a thoughtful gift, too (especially considering you're the ones who have to look at them)!"



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