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today was so scary...but yayyy!!


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i was SHAKING. i was so scared and excited. volleyball championship finals.

has anyone ever experienced that?

we won the first set. messed up the second. and won by 2 points in the final game. TWO! i was scared shitless that we would go that far and not win.


but wow, it was so scary. i was freezing and shaking and soo freaking nervous.

heh i'm wearing my medal now. :cool:

top team in all of york region....for anyone who knows where that is in ontario :P but yayy, winning is such a great feeling.

right when we won my whole team literally jumped up and screamed. then went in for a group hug.



hahaha yay for me :D

so hows everyone now that i've explained my happiness?

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hehe thaaaaaaanks :D


now we all get to show off our medals at school on monday :lol:

ooh and y'know what'd even cooler?

our senior team won their finals also!! :D :D :cool:

oh wait and i wanna make a correction.


top TEIR 2 team in york region. pfft, we could be teir one. we SHOULD be teir one. like the junior teir 1 team, the team who won were AMAZING though. we ALMOST beat them when we played them though. 25-22 them. but the team they played got creamed :P 25-8 :lol: aurora....crazy team they have.

seniors were teir 1 though. and they won.


but hurray, and thanks everyone! :D

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