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I got my ticket!!!


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Camille do you know how much longer we are going to have to wait, like are we thinking within the next few days or what. I am just really really nervous about missing out.


bastards the whole lot of you!!! :angry: *shakes fist in air*



I'm insanely jealous of every single one of you.. I hope (and wonder) if this will be the same method for the US gigs... I guess I'll have to wait a bit looooooooooooonger.. :embarrased:



I was kidding, I dont think you're all bastards... but I am jealous.. :cry: :cry: :cry:



I wish I knew... :cry: I'm guessing maybe in the fall?? After their summer Uk stint is up.

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i dont mean when is the tour' date=' i mean when will we be hearing the dates and getting the presale? The newsletter said more news coming soon, but after the news in the other post (you know which one) i think the next news will be the single!!![/quote']


I think the single will be released next.. they wouldnt be announcing US dates in the UK?? what do they care! haha!

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well they have to announce it somewhere, maybe at the march 12th gig. plus i think they have to announce a single before then, to hype the show up abit, i mean someone will record it and some new songs will get out anyway. if i were the band i wouldnt play anything new.

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