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Chris Engaged?


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you can get an avatar by copying the properties of a picture you find and copy and pasting it to the slot that is given in your profile...it's near the bottom of the profile page...


to get a quote?? you just press quote by the person's post and it'll be included in your response..


But if you mean quote as in a signature..there's a spot for that as well in your profile..you can write whatever you want there..


I hope that made any sense..i'm at work, so i'm trying to respond really quickly before my supervisor comes..hehe :D

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heh.. people denying means nothing i believe.. but who knows' date=' well cept me. haha. :P[/quote']


there have been roumors aboaut everything...i'm surprised that i haven't heard that she's pregnant or that they already have kids. but who knows, maybe this time it's true

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ok then, i'll go find someone else then!!! Yep....here we go........ but i want guy!! :D Nah, you can have him, i'll like someone who have the ability to talk :lol: ok, i'll stop now, i'm getting really strange, i'm tired...

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