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Speed of Sound


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I agree. \o/ This song is so amazing, so cool... the album must be almost ( or totally) perfect.

I do respect who dosen't likes Coldplay, but it's so wired...

This album is gonna be better then A Rush, that's for sure. :D

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Speed of Sound is so cool :D But I like What If as well. Too bad the live versions I heard from the new songs aren't that good a sound quality, but the songs are definitely promising. Seriously looking forward to the new record with the studio versions of :)

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I've only listened to Talk, Square One, and 5 seconds of Speed of Sound. I figured that I didn't want to spoil the surprise on june 6th by listening to those shitty recrdings. Square one sounded really cool though, definately a song made to replace politik.

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i'm a newb but i'm not new


hey guys...


i know i am a newbie here... but i am not new to coldplay... just new to their online community.


i've been hearing that people have heard new live tracks... and everywhere i have looked... the links have been taken down. i am dying to hear some new coldplay... my dvd is getting thinner... and if anyone could give me some hints on how to find these tracks... i'd greatly appreciate it. i know that 'speed of sound' is floating around and still... i couldn't find it.


my email is [email protected]

and my aim is thejackdempsie


... if anyone is willing to help!




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