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a little trick to play on your friends


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i fell for this... ok my friend was like "squeeze your chin as hard as you can and twist it to see how strong you are." i thought this request was a little odd but did it anyway, french class, who cares? so i keep twisting my fist on my chin and i'm like "what's the point? my hand keeps slipping off anyway" so she's just looking at me grinning and i was like "what?"


so then she tells me by doing that it looks like i have a hickey on my chin! and i was like...wa? :stunned: and sure enough when i go to the washroom later (completly forgetting about it in the mean time) there are two marks on my chin!


and yes they are still there....she says they stay for a little while to..meh. so yeah if you wanna play a joke on your friend you can do that and see how it turns out :P :lol:

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I thought she was talking about me :huh:


But you're even MORE of a teenager, in fact you're like a brand new teenager.


you're not old either! my brother's your age. and he's older then me, but only 3 years...well and a bit, but in may i'm 15.

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and you shouldn't feel old. look at it this way...there's still things that you can't do :idea2: does that work? :lol: maybe not...meh.

like i'm young cos i can't stay out late and all that. but you can enjoy it more then me cos you can do more!


yeah that's all.

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