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This Weeks NME and Talk

Josh Pearson

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Apparently Coldplay have now recorded and mixed a completely new version of Talk, so perhaps the version thats doing the rounds on the internet at the moment wil never see the light of day! Below is Chris's quote from the issue (out today in the UK)


Chris Martin "From that version we went and did a whole other version of it. A whole other song. What happened with the song 'Talk' is that it was all going great and then someone said, 'that should be the first single', and we all just freaked out and scrapped it all. I hate choosing singles, its so hard. We've just mixed it and it sounds great. I think we've had such pain getting to that place, I'm not sure anyone quite knows what to do with it anymore. When we heard it mixed properly, it sounded mega."


I look forward to hearing the new version

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Yeah, I liked the one we all have too, but I'm sure it will sound good and probably better if its different now. I say IF because I wonder when the interview with Chris actually took place, before or after the leak, because he makes no mention of it. I don't know.

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