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Which rare songs?


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Also not happy about the way Moses and Animals have evolved. Any of you out there with the original .rm file of Moses will know what it sounds like when its just Chris playing. So much more raw. I think Johnny added his part when there was no need for it.


Really? I think Jonny's added part is WONDERFUL and did a lot for the song. When I first heard Moses w/ only Chris, I thought "It needs work, but its got potential." Then I heard the full band version, and the potential was proven, at least for me.


Oh well... difference in opinion, I guess. :lol: I just thought I'd add my 2 cents in.


I do agree with you on the Trouble/Solid Ground comparison. Chris isn't exactly up to par on that one.

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no one seems to have mentioned "see you soon" it's my favourite coldplay song, and i'm pretty sure it hasn't seen a release yet, unless it was on that "without parachutes" i've heard about.


/edit: it did appear on the "without parachutes" b-sides disc, but it's still ruddy great

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