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Which rare songs?


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Poor Me and Marianne. Chris singing in an aggressive way like he did with Marianne is just too brilliant :D

I don't want them on the new album, but a CD with a collection of B-Sides and unreleased tracks would be nice.

I want NEW stuff on a new album :)

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Marianne should make the next album, as should Ladder and Poor Me... I'm not such a fan of Gravity...frankly I think Chris' power piano ballads have been lacking of late.


Compare Trouble with Solid Ground.


Also not happy about the way Moses and Animals have evolved. Any of you out there with the original .rm file of Moses will know what it sounds like when its just Chris playing. So much more raw. I think Johnny added his part when there was no need for it.


And Animals...they totally changed the ending and now I dont like it.



But apart from that... I love my Chris. :lol:

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Guest radi0ed

id like to see these songs on the next cd or at least B- sides



You Only Live Twice ( cover ) they used to do live back in 2001

Ladder to The Sun


Where is my Boy

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