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Coldplay debut 3 new songs in Amsterdam


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Yesterday (wednesday 6th July) Coldplay played a secret gig in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The setlist:

1. Square One

2. Politik

3. Speed Of Sound

4. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

5. Warning Sign

6. X&Y

7. Yellow

8. Low

9. The Scientist

10. Til Kingdom Comes

11. Clocks

12. What If


13. In My Place

14. A Message

15. Amsterdam



X&Y features Chris on piano. Very melodic. Beautiful piano outro.

Features the lyrics: "You and me surfing on tidal waves, you and me floating in outer space" (... or something like that)


Low is the loudest guitar track since Yellow. Guaranteed favourite for the new album, and possible single if you ask me


Til Kingdom Comes is lovely Chris/Jonny track. Is fully acoustic, much like 'Green Eyes'


Lovely evening. Magical.



P.s. They completely f*cked up 'Amsterdam'


P.p.s. No, I didn't record it. Hell, security even took away my mobile phone


Oh, and this gig was recorded for radio + TV broadcast, but they aren't allowed to air/show it before the album's released. I think they said it will be aired both on radio + tv on June 5th.

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i wouldnt mind so much if they didnt play it..........some songs have to be left out they cant do a 20 song set..........but im sure they could fit in dont panic' date=' come on guys its only 2 minutes long ;)[/quote']



not me, I love that song

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Someone might show up with it. It does seem like its been a little long now, but I don't know. If they were taking phones and everything from people maybe no one did record it. This seems pretty deliberate to prevent what happened at KCRW.

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Yeah, I've got mixed feeling about hearing more than I already have. I want to listen, but I want to wait for the album.


I'll tell you what I'd at least do: download whatever shows come out before it and try my best not to listen to them. Its best to get the files when they come out and they're easy to find. It would be cool to have a bunch of shows that they did leading up to the release, something cool to have and listen back too.


Then again, there's nothing like just listening to the real album, and it will still probably have largely the same effect whether or not i listen to a live version. It will still sound new to be able to actually hear the music and all the lyrics.


It'll also be pretty hard to be hearing all these other people talking about new songs if you haven't heard them! Imagine where you'd be in here if you haven't heard "Talk" or any of the KCRW stuff!

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We weren't allowed to take any recording material (not even a mobile phone) inside, they were very (VERY) strict on that matter. So I reckon the chances of someone who recorded it are pretty slim....

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