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Zelda. Anyways, back to the topic. I was just playing Ocarina today.


To be honest, I can't really play it anymore. I've played it so much, beaten it like, 15 times, and I'm just about sick of it and thinking about getting rid of it. And yet, the thought of not having it makes me feel... weird.


I love Wind Waker. I beat it recently. Well, okay, two months ago. It's a fucking great game, and I think I kind of like it better than Ocarina now. Not saying it's better, though. Ocarina of Time's a classic.

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We have it for Gamecube... I like it.. it kinda gives me a headache if I play it to long though.

Then you must have OoT Masterquest. It's really hard compared to the N64 classic! I'm playing it on an emulator, but I'm soon gonna buy a used n64 for like 24$ USD :) Zelda games are true classics, but the new ones totally suck and they're loosing popularity. But this master quest OoT sounds cool...ok, shutting up.

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I played many zelda games, I'm still playing a link to the past when I'm going on holiday. It's stuck in my gba :P (now not really, but I dont want to get it out). Anyone ever heard the System of a Down - Legend of Zelda theme?

I love it :)

here is a link:


pass = Coldplaying.com

OMG! I'm not the only who's heard that song! I bet System of a Down are smacking themselves for doing that theme song to the TV series, lol. Btw, anyone have the TV serires? I've never seen one and I'd like to see what 90's anime was like...

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