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I really really need AIM help here, so don't give me retarded answers. Ok, well I just made a new s/n and when I tried to load a buddy list, it told me that a few things weren't able to be saved, so I though that I'd just delete everything then re-load the list again. Well the second time I did it, everything else was saved (profiles, connection settings, etc) but none of my buddies were saved. I can't even add people to my buddy list. This has happened to me before and it's fucking annoying. Please, help me here....oh the wonders of Java Script.

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i would save all you info again. take off the buddy list all together and re download the new one. all the info should be somewhere on you computer. also look underfind a file type in aim and see what comes up. even if you delete things on you computer and havn't emptyed your recycle bin it should be still on there hope that helps April

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