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if you(r) having/had a bad day or in a bad mood come here...


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I am so upset because I was one question away from going to see coldplay at an extremely intimate gig for about 20 people and I just froze. I don't think I'll ever get over it. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I let it slip through my hands. I need HELP!!! :( :x

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Thanks Laura! It was live on Radio 1 in the UK to add insult to injury. I only had to answer 3 questions right and I got the first 2. The other girl was called Sinead, she was too quick for me and she got the next three in a row correct. I knew the other answers as well. I could have breathed the very same air as the very beautiful Guy and Chris but instead I'll just have to listen to the concert on the radio and dream of what could have been!


Feeling slightly better now though cos my favourite soccer team Celtic have just beaten Liverpool to reach the semi final of the UEFA Cup so 'everything's not lost'!

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ok, everyone has been telling me that i look tired or asking me whats wrong, do i look that bad? my god. I need a long break from this school, people are just getting on my nerves and one of the reasons why i love this forum is cause it lets me get away from all this crap.


ps what is it with guys and breasts?? us females dont get it.

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