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Any smokers out there !! ???


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depends on what you are smoking ^


I know that, however if u dont smoke a cig will give u a buzz try it. Dont smoke for 48 Hours and have one.. Damm u will be trippin


not true.. if you smoke a cigarette very fast... at any given time.. you will get a head rush.. even if you smoke everyday... lol

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Stop before its to late !


I'm not the one who goes around doing it 5 times a day. Not even once a day. Like, once every couple of weeks, or if I get stressed out.


Even though, the other night, I did smoke two in one night, 'cause I was kinda worried about me gf.

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i ve been smoking ever since i was 13 years old , yuck i know , i'm trying very hard now to quit especially now in summer when i have no exams , they help me stay awake in when i'm in class but its so hard especially when you asociate coffee with it

i hate them ! cigs are disgusting ! darnit i'm quiting now! or maybe tomorrow....lol

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I control myself. :smug:


I HAVE to, because I steal thee ciggarettes from my dad, and he cannot find out! :rolleyes:


Sign of being a addict aready.... !



*** listen to Muse(Hallaboo)Live Instead ' Darkshines ' is very soothing..... !

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Darkshines soothing???? :stunned: have you been smoking the wacky tabacky again?? lol that song is riviting!! and erotic!!!! :o


Well I find those things soothing.. and considering I am on Strike at the moment it could be for the best !

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