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Any smokers out there !! ???


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9 days... and camu cigs are addictive you should know that :whip:


no shit... lol I never said they werent... YOU said you werent 'pyshically' addicted.. there's no difference between pysical and mental in addiction... its all mental!! Its a dependancy.... now when you're talking about heroin or sone heavy substance like that... your body system cries for it.. so you feel the need to do more.... thats a different story.. but in the beginning its all mental. By the time one's body cries for drugs like that.... the person is REALLY in bad shape..

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No Weed never does that to me, and to be honest I am not missing it as much as I thought I would... in fact I might have someone soon that will take my attention away from it period... :wink3:


Cigs, it does make u head ache if u dont smoke.... ! But the patches i have been using have done a great job !

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haha the thing with weed is.. it will never make your body cry for it... but you will mentally urge for it.. like right now for example.. I would looooooooooove to smoke a splif... I just got tickets to see Interpol and the Pixies!!!!!! *dances around*


:D yes... I am a happy camper!

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