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Any smokers out there !! ???


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I smoked last night and it was bananas!!! HAZE!!!! :smoking:


I might do tommowo after I have been to see the Nurse ! she will give me a smoke test but after I have been to see her, it wont be for another two weeks, so by then it wont show up... ! that would be sneaky of me though !! Since I have done so well for the best part of the past two weeks, plus I will be letting myself down.. !

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I'll smoke just about anything natural. Cigars, pipe tobacco, natural rolled tobacco, misc natural herbs (teehee). But you'll never catch me smoking a typical manufactured cigarette. Some things arent meant to combust and fly right into your lungs.

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I had a dream last night that I was smoking. I have them from time to time...so weird.


A co-worker yesterday showed me a pack of cigerattes that she got from a friend that had recently gone to France. The box was tiny, but a sign occupied half of the box that said "Smoking Kills" in big letters. Not subtle at all. :P

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