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chance to get kool haus tickets!


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alright i was in hmv today and they have this big poster of coldplay up for X&Y. so it says you can get (i actually don't remember if you win them or buy them :confused: ) a pair of tickets to the kool haus show if you pre-order the cd. and you get a mini poster. it's like a raffle in the store.


so for the gig, 40 stores in toronto were each given 10 tickets. THATS 400! so i think it ends tonight, the final day you can get it so whoever reads this might want to check it out.


random, i told my mom and as a surprise she pre-ordered the cd for me. hehe i like my poster :P

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its a nice new photo, bout the length of my keyboard and double its width...hey, i was too lazy to measure :P

and you need to pre-order today. but only $10 (at the one i went to), then you pay the rest later.

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each store is given 10 pairs of tickets. but not really...




i think the way it works is all the entries are put into the same draw and they will draw 200 winners of pairs of tickets. so that mean 400 tickets total. it says that all the entries are going to the hmv office, and on tuesday they are going to draw for the 200 winners.


and today was the last day to enter.

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Okay maybe not, but I wish I had known about this earlier. Good luck to all those who entered. I pre-ordered my copy today anyways, just to get the poster, and it's this one, except larger...11x17



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