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Yeah i would say around 5 or so people use it(at least thats what i have seen).

I am sure they are not being rude intentionally..just ignore them if they are.


You are not even sure they are doing it towards you as well.

Dont let it bother you.

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Aww people are just like that sometimes.

Its something i dont understand(I am a victim more times than not so you are not alone).


You know you did nothing wrong

So screw them :)

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I picked the "Hidden" option not really thinking about it much, but the fact is if you arent Hidden then it shows your name as Online for 15 or 20mins after you've visited a page. And a lot of the time Im doing coursework (Lately) and I refresh the Coldplaying page once and rarely find something to reply to, I do this about every 10mins or so and people see me online and PM me or write stuff in a topic that may interest me (Like I do to other people) when I shouldnt even be visiting I should be doing coursework.


Its definately how I prefer things. It certainly has nothing to do with IGNORING you daryl.

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