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fun with babelfish


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so here's a little time-waster to show how off/funny babelfish can get.


take your favorite phrase, quote, or for the purpose of this board, your favorite coldplay lyric and then translate it from english to french. take the french translation and translate it into german. then take that german translation and put it back in english and see what you get.


cliff notes:

english to french

french to german

german to english




normal: look at the stars, look how they shine for you

babelfished: the view holds the first role the view on, as they shine for you


normal: oh give me love over this

babelfished: the love gives me the OH over this


normal: you came along and you cut me loose

babelfished: They came the length, and you cut me loosely


yeah it can be kinda dumb, but for those of us who have nothing to do......

p.s. you can find babelfish at altavista.com, just find the translate link

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part of "Narcolepsy" by Ben Folds Five, from English to German to French and back to English:


"I know, seem that I am not interested something in me me that schw50ren cornait however that I do not remember on the left not waked up all the last year I you, to cry the tears, while I dreamed in electricities which run between banks of the joy and Traurigkeit which I awake except me me drowns in top"

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