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Ohh yeah


Jacob, you're definitely my hero. The War Is Over is such an amazing song. I also love Under The Influence, Symbolistic White Walls, Native Son and so many others. I'm just so excited to be on an MGB thread that I can't think of any lol. I just started a Matt Good website a little while ago, so if you're interested you can check it out at http://slingshot.to/TheDomain. I'm still working on it, so forgive me if there's missing links, information, etc.

Man, I just went to a Matt Good gig in Toronto a little while ago, and was it ever amazing. He's such a musical genius that I was just in awe.

So in conclusion, I love Matt, Dave Genn is amazing, I wish Geoff Lloyd never left the band and now I'm going to go listen to Last of the Ghetto Astronauts! Ciao for now.

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the site isn't workin for me.... lol I'll visit it when it's up though. I'll keep trying.


Underdogs was their best cd.

THough The Audio Of Being had some of their very best, and some of their worst songs on it.

Man Of Action, Carmelina, Tripoli, Advertising On Police Cars, I, The Throw Away, The Rat Who Would be King, Truffle Pigs, those songs are great.

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