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Matthew Good - White Light...


the new cd from Matt Good and Friends is coming out Tuesday. It sounds good, more rocking out, and less whining. A great change! I've already heard two songs, Put Out Your LIghts, and ALert Status Red, and they rock out great.

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I got a message from Matt Good's management when I downloaded his music on Kazaa, they were threatening me and told me that my IP was logged.


What bastards. I havent gone to a Matt Good concert or purchased a Matt Good cd since then and wont.

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I just got the new cd. I've gotta say, Matt Good is sounding very upbeat on it. It's the best cd he's ever done. And that's not biased. The songs on this have great hooks and really rock. And of course there are great slow building songs on it like "strange days". Well worth the 14 dollars I payed for it.

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