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The coldplaying.com advent x - y album countdown Calendar ..


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X Y Day B0008GG9UQ.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg


The day finally came after nearly 3 years of waiting....

Got the Album around 4PM...


OH yes at first unsure what to make of it...


However coldplay night itself came, they played a very special night at the Koko club in Camden. I heard it on the Radio I would have loved to be there. As it seemed to be for the fans !


I was very impressed and especially impressed by ' Warning sign' has turned into a coldplay anthem. Not being a huge fan of that pitucalar song. I am now am. !

So far of the new album.


I reckon Talk, Square one. x & y, Swallowed by the Sea and Till Kingdom come are my favourites.. I am sure I will get into the others !

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