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The coldplaying.com advent x - y album countdown Calendar ..


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With just 25 days to go to the date... of June 6th. I think its a good idea. We have a advent x-y count down thread...

So each day, and hopefully this will stay alive we can post our thoughts... pics of coldplay, chris, will, guy and johnny ....


So I will start...


Todays day what do we have behind door number 1



A very young looking chris and his mates which appears to be from the eariler days...



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The only thing is that it may be noticed down here... and I really made it for the members who post in the forum.. however in saying that I guess it would be better down here... !

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i made a desktop calendar for coldplaying :D


here's what you do:

download this file http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2RWQAX14ZF5133O2CBWT49QCF5 (it's an html file)


then go to your desktop (i doubt this will work for anything other than Windows) right click on your desktop -- click properties. then the desktop tab. then click customize desktop. then click the web tab, once there you should see some buttons on your right. click the 'new' button and find where you saved the file (countdown.html) and choose that. then okay out of everything and there should be a countdown to X&Y there. it's fully resizable and moveable -- so move it to wherever you want on the desktop and resize it so it looks right (mine always comes out weird.)


also, the hours part is a little off -- i used the mugglenet one as a template and just designed it for X&Y -- i don't know how to fix that...but the day is right and that's all that matters anyway.


any questions, or if it doesn't work...lemme know :idea2:

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Someone that I felt sorry for, she fancied me for a bit but she was not my type, but still was a mate she left and moved to Coventry.

But giving her that CD was a bid mad by me.. !

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It's from the Indianapolis, Indiana show last tour and I am not sure why they are wearing wigs. LOL I had another pic of them with their wigs on signed by them, I cant find it on my computer though, not sure what I did with it. I had the one they signed framed. I love it, it makes me laugh everytime I look at it. When Chris sighned it he looked at me in shock asking where I got the pic from. He was surprised I had it, and wanted it signed. :lol:

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