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Anyone who hasn't got A Rush Of Blood To The Head yet


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yeah but there are possibly a lot of people who have just downloaded it.


i think i'll go by it for the hell of it. 8) :shrug:


just to have a clean and fresh never touched copy and then my one with all my signature stuff on it :D


ooh i think i will do that :D

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whaaaaa u need to get it....u can repaeat it and repeat it i know for a fact i have listened to it over and over 35 or 36 times since 2-14-03 i kid u not....i started coutning like 4 dayz after i got it


I've listen to it a 100 times.... I just have one at home (borroed) but is not mine and is not original............... and I must have original cd's! ( and I never find the original at the store)

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