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bollocks and rubbish mean stupid....and they say bloke for man and a whole bunch of stuff....the weirdist tho ive heard is when mark or lard one of those radio guyz asked chris if he has "stomached" songbird by oasis at last nite's gig...he was like wtf...he meant play...haha

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i know! i dont reallylike sounthern accents....well i dont have 1 so dont think u know im weird for saying that....but any european accent i love im determined to marry a guy w/ a european accent haha.....they say stuff like fancy and keen alot too...its like another form for the english accent

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i like how crazy he can be and how hyper he can be at gigs! and offcourse his voice


her eyes are sooo fake in that pic....mine are forest green...the natural looking green hehe where did u get that? lets talk bout jonny and guy and will.i love how jonny laughs andplays the guitar i love how will plays the drums and how he talks i love how guy has that darn sexy scottish accent and i love his cheekbones!

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