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What if X&Y leaked? i wouldn't download it


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see I've heard the Coachella recording a lot now, and put SNL's Fix You on repeat a lot of times now. The only X&Y studio track I've heard is SoS, which you all have heard.


What I want to say is, I sure hope the album doesn't leak. I know most of us will jump on the torrents or whatever, cuz we are dearly obssessed. I normally do, like with the new Oasis album (which is awesome). I download bands I love, not bands I like. But I'll buy the Oasis album later this year.


But with such an exceptional band like Coldplay, I rather feel the experience of ripping off the plastic wrap, inspecting each inch of the album art, and finally CAREFULLY picking up the CD (NO SCRATCHES!!!) and putting it in your stereo/CD player/iTunes.


You understand? Hearing the new album for the first time sounds better than illegally getting it. Some of you probably are too anxious, and will download it if it comes out, but for my 2 bits, I'm hoping it won't get leaked. Chris and the boys deserve that.

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I won't download it. I've waited all this time, so I can wait a few extra days before I actually get it. I have downloaded an album once from another artist, and it ruined the experience for me. By the time I actually went out and bought the CD, I didn't feel like listening to it because I'd listened to it so many times on my computer.

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For me, it's not really a matter of illegal and legal downloading. I picked no in the poll because I want at least some of the money to go to coldplay. They're too great a band to be ripped off :)

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