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Coldplay at Live 8


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I just read that Coldplay will be playing at Live 8 at 2 July. Any one going?


Coldplay will be playing at the 20th anniversary of Live Aid which is aptly called Live 8 since it’s held just ahead of the G8 summit in Scotland.


Coldplay will be in company of bands like U2, Oasis and Madonna. The show is set at July the 2nd at Hyde Park, London.

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...from the washington times:

"LONDON (AP) -- Organizers of the 1985 Live Aid concerts on Tuesday said five new concerts will take place on July 2 in London, Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia and Rome. The events are aimed at raising awareness of poverty in developing countries just days before G8 leaders meet in Britain. Organizers didn't immediately announce which artists would perform at the concerts, which will be free and are not intended to raise funds.


Venues include London's Hyde Park, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Circus Maximus in Rome. Organizers didn't immediately say where the Philadelphia concert would take place.


They said there were plans for concerts in other cities in G8 countries, but didn't give further details. Japan, Canada and Russia are the three other nations in the G8.


The event will be called Live 8. It's being organized by Bob Geldof, the driving force behind the Band Aid and Live Aid campaigns for African famine relief."

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