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Pre-order + poster


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I'm not sure if any other music stores are doing this, but I pre-ordered my X&Y at HMV today... and got a beautiful poster as a bonus!

and, if you're going to buy it anyways... right?


I figured I'd share the lovins ;)

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oops... I almost forgot! (like that'd be possible)

I also asked about a huuuuge poster promoting the band/X&Y they had up in the window... it's sooo mine when it comes down..

just a thought for other fans with music stores that hand out posters after the album comes out :)

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I probably wouldn't blame you if you'd run up and kicked an old lady for it...

I get kinda nuts when it comes to rare Coldplay stuff.. especially when it's free!


( :rolleyes: ok, maybe not the kicking the old lady bit... but, you get the point)

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