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Exclusive - Chris writes for new artist


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Guest LiquidSky
"Sometimes"? Does Chris guest vocal in it? I remember some confusion with a song supposedly called Sometimes' date=' some people thought it was from Coldplay.[/quote']


Yeah.. I remember about someone mentioning that Chris wrote a song named "Sometimes" but it was like 3 yrs ago.. Never really found it if it was true or not.. :confused:

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Guest LiquidSky
Obviously some guy posted here to get your attention and to get his CD heard' date=' and it was done quite brilliantly.[/quote']


No, no, no but I do remember that someone said that Chris wrote a song named "Sometimes" a while back (knows 'cause I wrote it in my download list) but never really found the song..so it might be true.. :confused:


bah, you are probably right..

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