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Coldplay things from Spain!


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Helloooo :)

I'm Laura y I'm writing because I've got some things that I think are interesting for everybody!!

First, in the web http://www.elpais3.com there's a little special of Coldplay (in Spanish) and two songs live from X&Y (Swallowed in the sea and I think it's 'Till Kingdom come, not sure...) from a concert in Japan (I don't know when it was recorded...).

Ok, for the ones who doesn't understand Spanish and want to watch it, this is what you have to do: first and obviously enter the site, then you press in the button "entrar" and there you'll see an amazing photo of the band, so you press there and you'll be in the little special. Well, for seeing the concert you press in "concierto" and that's all!!

In the same website, there's option to win a ticket and a trip to their concert in Paris the next week.

The other thing I know it's that tonight in Los 40 principales (the most important musical radio of Spain), there will be an special of Coldplay from 9 to 10 pm. We'll listen to X&Y and to an interview with the band. I think it's also available to listen to it in the internet in their website http://www.los40.com, but I'm not sure...

Ok, so that's all; I hope you have understood my English :confused: and I also hope you can watch the clip and listen to the interview! :)


Bye bye!!!! Loveeee :cool:



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