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Help me: Girlfriend's birthday


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Ahh, its that time of year again and on June 18th she'll be 19. I've got no idea what to get her, so I'm begging you for some suggestions.



-about $150 US

-Nothing materialistic or superficial: She is one of those spoiled-ish, materialistic and honestly kinda superficial girls, so I'm trying to break her of that. She's been starting to see the wrongs of that life in the last half year or so, so I'd like to continue with it. :P For the last year and a half I pretty much just bought her a Coach this, Dooney & Bourke that, some Tiffany's something, whatever for which ever occasion it may have been pretty much just because I knew she'd liek it and it was fairly easy to get. But I've decided thats not doing anyone any good really.

-Something creative and thoughtful would be great.

-Doesn't need to be ONE big thing....could certainly be many things, but try to keep it around $150 US.


Shopping tomorrow! :stunned: :lol:

Thanks, all.

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Give her some gosh darn flowers. I always hope to get flowers but never do!

Maybe spend your money planning a fun day instead of buying her a gift, like take her somewhere nice and then buy some picnic stuff and go to the park. Just some ideas :P

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