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Mince spies.....


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Haha ok so I know everyone is caught up in all this X&Y hype but I wanted to take a break from it for a second.....


Anyways this might've been on here before but idk. I really like Coldplay's version of Have yourself a merry little christmas, and I know it's nowhere near christmas, but I wanted to know where I can find the piano muisc for their cover or if anyone knows if this is an actual version or stuff Chris something up for it? I've searched most music sites but nothing has come up. Sorry if this is a pointless thread but I'd really like to know. Also this is kind of off topic but I don't live in the UK so I can't buy the Sos single and I was wondering if anyone can send me the song Proof because I have the live version and it's amazing.....Thanks! :cool:

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