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Anyone else's Msn messed up


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It's taking forever to send anything

Plus when someone types something, I don't always get it

And it takes forever to sign in, And when you do everyone is offline for about a minute

Anyone else got this

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I'm using the newest version of 7

Are your friends using the same version?

i'm not sure but it seems a down chain again, you know when you from england noticied it fails then tomorrow fails in europe, you remember this times, seem this bad times are back.


guys has left school so they are spamming the web. :dozey: :angry:

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I think this is their way of getting people to update to the newer version... I got a little pop up thingy yesterday when I logged on... "update to the new version' date=' yadda yadda" :whatever:[/quote']


I have that all the time. I refuse to update, I like the one I have now.

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