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Dumb question time....


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OK im just a dumb american, and have never seen any glastonbury clips until the ones that are going up now. and i downloaded Square One and it was awesome. but heres my question....



what's with all those dam flags in the crowd? id be quite pissed if i wait for hours and hours to get close to the stage and some guy is waving a giant flag in front of me. are they really doing anything than pissing off the people behind you?

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man the people with flags pissed me off in the end most of them get pulle dout by security (the flags i mean) a load of people broke the flag off and ended of waving bits of splintered stick around not that great really

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I reckon it's a global thing, where people just want to represent their own. It's not just a Glasto thing, as there were a load of'em up in weegie a couple of weeks back, when a certain band played there too :rolleyes:

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