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End chords for Politik?


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Amazing chord progression at the end


He goes from C7 to Fm (Ab as the bass note in the chord (an inversion)

Basically in the Right hand: Ab, C, F, Ab

then Db6 or (Bbm) kind of the same thing: Bb, Db, F, Bb


then Ab: C, Eb, Ab, C


then Ebsus4: Bb Eb Ab Bb


then Eb: Bb Eb Bb (he doesn't play the G in the right hand but rather in the left hand


the left hand has basically the bass note of the chord in a octave.


The instrumental at the end from what i've seen in the videos. Fm to Csus4: Ab C F Ab to G C F G. and the end cascade is basically the notes from the Fm chord: F Ab, Eb G, C F, Ab C or something like that


If anybody has that end cascade transcribed, I would appreciate it...


Once again Amazing chord progression, the end of white shadows has a similar ending chord progression


Coldplay just continues to find them, and that just further elevates their music


Hope that helps

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Hey shane,


at what octave do you play that at, C3 or C4



In the video i've seen and just by the sound he plays in Ab(3) and C(4)



Could you write your transcription for the ending instrumental cascade that he does during the live shows?




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