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Great gig but now I know why I do festivals and not concerts [Crystal Palace 28 Jun 2005]


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went to the gig at Crystal Palace last night and thought it was wicked, Chris Martin's voice was unbelievable and the sound fantastic. I have a few groans however......


The SHOCKING facilities - because we are British and seemingly unable to put on a well organised event do we just have to accept it??


The massive numer of complete WANKERS that seem to do their best to ruin the evening. Pissed dickheads starting on people for a laugh. Grumpy pikey chavs screaming at young girls for talking too much. TALKING for f*** sake!!! was this is no talking event??


I've never been to an event where there was such atmosphere of tension as wherever you went there was some dickhead nearby.


And of course the trians - I, and many thousands of others, had to leave before the encore to try and get a train home. The spirit of people on the platforms was wicked though, mexican waves, chanting and singing made the time pass nicely. Nice one


If there was ever an advert for going to festvals to see bands or djs and not big concerts, this was it. At least at festivals people seem to be on the same happy vibe. these big events seem to attract pissed up chavs who would love nothing more than to kick your head in for asking them to stop barging into you and spilling beer over you


STILL it will stick in my mind as a night of unbelievable music and the atmos created by the lightening was breathtaking!! No regrets

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The times from crystal palace.


16:00 - gates opened

18:00 - Morning Runner comes on to do a ~ 45 minute set

18:45 - Change-over 1

~19:30 - Interpol came on for ~40 minutes

~20:20 - Change-over 2

21:00 - Coldplay comes on for 90 minute set

22:30 - Chaos starts as 40,000 people try to get out of stadium at once

23:58 - I finally get a train to Clapton Junction.


So the answer to your question SB88...


...Yes you are fucked, unless you are very very very lucky.

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if you wanted to see an intense atmosphere, you shoulda been at hampden park on wedensday night for the oasis gig.


the amount of pissed up neds* was unbelievable and was the reason i went off oasis after whats the story.


i know this is a coldplay site, but that was a scary atmosphere. i thought it was all gonna kick off.


anyway back to coldplay, going tonight to bellahouston park to see them, and having seen them 4 times already i just can't see it being as intense as what you experienced at crystal palace.


i could be wrong though, it could be the mix of alcohol and fresh air that turns them into complete wankers!


*N.E.D.:- NON EDUCATED DELINQUENT. scottish slang similar to chav.

often seen wearing lacoste, burberry pishy smelling clothes!

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in response to your query SB88 - I think you may well be a little fucked! Maybe book a cab before hand to meet you somewhere and get you to the station


good luck.


Dossers have a wicked time, and stay away from the Neds!

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