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Hello to you all!

My name is Anelien and I live in the Netherlands!

First time that I use a forum but I have a big big problem!

Hope someone can help me!

Last weekend I recorded all 3 days from the Glastonbury festival from the TV BBC2 on DVD.

Don t know how it happened but I unfortunately erased Day 2+3.

So I don t have these wonderful CP performance anymore and much more others.Only have Day 1.


If someone can please burn the CP show on a DVD you will really really make my day.


Have many shows to trade from a good friend of mine.

Newest are CP show from Cologne 17.06.2005 on audio(he missed the encore(What If,In my place,Fix you)(uuuuuh) but good quality and have 30 min.(6 songs)on DVD from this show +the complete Richard A.show on Audio from that day.

And many many more.


I don t wonna do any business(only trades)only love the music sooo much!!!!!!!!!


Thanksalot friends!





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