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Live 8 - canadians


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Creating your own mosh pit and other ways to enjoy Live 8 at home


1. Hold up a lighter when Pink Floyd reunites on stage.


2. Ask the kids to catch you, then dive off the coffee table.


3. Paint "Bono for God" on your chest.


4. Wave a Canadian flag when Gordon Lightfoot hits the stage.


5. Kiss it if The Tragically Hip plays "Bobcaygeon."


6. When going to the bathroom, say "I'm taking the long walk to relief."


7. Invite the neighbours over for an afternoon mosh.


8. Get really sweaty, take off your shirt, tie it around your head, pump your fists, and scream incoherently.


9. Two words: Styrofoam cooler!


10. To commemorate Live Aid, yell "I want my MTV!" before Sting's set.


11. Smuggle some contraband into your basement.


12. Plan a trip to Africa.


13. Take bets on who will utter the first profanity: Linkin Park or Velvet Revolver.


14. Do a tequila shot every time a Coldplay lyric makes you sad.


15. Frantically pass the cat around to mimic body surfing.


16. See how many new words you can make from "Jabu Khanyile and Bayete."


17. Wear sunscreen.


18. Pretend you're trapped in a cartoon world when a-ha plays "Take On Me."


19. Spray down your spouse with a garden hose.


20. Text-message Paul Martin to end poverty and sign the message "Bruce Cockburn."


—Vinay Menon



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