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that musicians are getting more political? I got just the right movie for them. I just saw this dvd called Gunners Palace at umvd and it rocked. It's about soldiers living in one of Saddam's old palaces, and the unique thing is that most of the movie is told through music. It's also politically neutral, it draws a larger audience. gunnerspalacedvd.com

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ya i guess they always have but it is interesting to see the transition in musical culture that this movie displays. Gunner Palace has a chilling scene where one of the soldiers raps about how Gunner Palace is a movie to us but they are living it. It really hits home that even though the movie is very entertaining and interesting imagining myself in their place is crazy.


Gunner Palace acts a juxtaposition a war and luxury. Even though the soldiers are carrying out raids on terrorists they have off days where they live better than most people around the world. they swim in the royal pool and put on the private putting green. It's just crazy.

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Guest LiquidSky
^i think you know it.. anyways back to topic


in spain during, 60's, 70's and some part of 80's there where political songs too....and some of this bands/singer are still listening... :) some of them where called cantautor.. and sang 'canción protesta'...


Well I didn't know..but now I know.. :idea2:

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oh just realised viva coldplay

during that period Nueva Cancion was forming in Latin America

In Cuba it was called Nueva Trova.

Many artists of this music don't like to call it protest songs because they were not protesting against their governments eg. Chile and Cuba

but were singing against injuistice and poverty done by outside forces.


:blush: sori got a bit heavy there but did a paper on it for uni and i love the subject.

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