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British sweethearts' Coldplay covers


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I know that there was a Scientist cover used in the Wicker Park soundrack that was absolutly horrible, but that's the only other one I know.


And I've heard all of those and they suck. ;(


Oh yes! And Embrace's new single "Gravity" is an unrecorded Coldplay song that the boys gave to them. So I guess that counts as a cover.

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Actually, I wouldn't call it new. Embrace released Gravity in the UK in 2004. It's a quality tune written by Coldplay which they thought sounded more like Embrace than Embrace, so they gave it to them.


It should be noted that Embarce were early supporters of Coldplay and asked them to support them on tour when Coldplay were starting out. Danny McNamara is a good friend of Chris' and in a small way responsible for getting them their break.

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