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How many keys do I need?


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Hi there,


After countless searching of forums, I've been unable to find the answer to my question, so I am hoping someone on this forum can guide me.


I am looking to purchase a keyboard, with the intention of learning to play piano tracks of my favourite bands, in particular Coldplay.


What size keyboard do I need to play most/all Coldplay tracks? My options are either a 61 key, 76 key or even as large as a full 88 key. I would prefer not to get an 88 key if possible, due to their size, so am focusing on either the 61 or 76.


Can I play most/all of the piano parts on a 61 key keyboard? Or will I simply run out of keys?


My keyboard playing background goes way back to playing old Yamaha organs years ago (the ones with 2 keyboards of 44 keys each, and pedals too), but I've not played in a good number of years, so will probably be a little rusty in learing to play modern material such as Coldplay.


Finally, does anyone know what make/model (if any) keyboards that Chris uses, or is it strictly piano he uses these days?


Thanks in advance,



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i think you can play most parts on a 61 key keyboard cant think of any coldplay song that you cant play on that but it might be best to get a 76keys just to be safe than sorry. And i think chris uses a yamaha GT20 electric piano. Hope this helps you out :)

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