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Sir Bobby Robson


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A message for all footie fans!! The highly revered, ex-England & ex-NUFC manager, has a new autobiography published on the 27th July.

Details here:



Should you wish to meet this footballing genius, and you live near Stockport, why not join us in the big, american bookshop near the big toyshop & the crafty superstore? He'll be with us on Mon 1st Aug from 6pm - 7:30pm. i am reliably formed Sir Bobby will also be visiting other bookshops in other areas of the UK.

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And he is such a nice man! he was supposed to sign from 6-7, but he started signing at 5:45 and didn't stop til the queue had gone at 8:15. He spoke to everyone and was really lovely, and let people have pics taken.

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