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**the 'NEW' BUMP Game**......


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The object to the game is to keep bumping this thread by posting on it.


The points system

less than 1hr = 0 points

less than 2 hours = 1 point

less than 3 hours = 3 points

less than 4 hours = 6 points

less than 5 hours = 10 points

less than 6 hours = 15 points

above 6 hours = 20 points


A Bump will only count if it has the word "Bump" in it!


If you make a false bump, the time will still be taken from then.


You can bump yourself ( make repeated Bumps)


So do you bump the thread after an hour and get 1 point, or wait for 2 hours and get 3 points? Obviously the longer you wait, the more likely someone will bump the thread, before you get to it , so they will get the points.



who wants to play??? follow the rules.. and have fun.. this game will run from now until the 6th of August at 12:01am EST. :cool:



the prize: a Coldplay dvd compiled of various tv appearances from the very first Barfly sessions in 2000 to a live version of Clocks from MTV2 in Manchester.. The dvd also includes official videos and a taping of Politik at the 2003 Grammy Awards from some foreign country... I think Italy. :embarrased: In actuality, its 2 dvds.. but I am morphing them into one so you may have repeated material on the dvd. I am working on the actual tracklisting. :)



Good Luck and no cheating!!! Have a 'bumping' time...

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that's what i call a bump


:o Seriously, in my case... I had no idea. I swear I didn't mean to be that exact. You on the other hand... Wow, just wow! :o


Let's see how the other people fare... We'll be pretty hard to beat methinks :P


sorry, i didn't want to be rude :embarrased: it's just that i'm extremely bored. :(


and bump ;)

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so far on the board...


coldplay lover 2

Professor Peedston 1

bonabon 1

jinxie 1


remember... you are not bumping from the last word 'bump' rather from the last post period. The longer you wait.. the more points you receive. If someone bumps at least an hour before the last bump.. the clock starts over from the last post... regardless of the word *bump*. Get it!!


good luck and play nice.. I am watching you all!! :sneaky: :P

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