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What do you want to be "when you grow up"?


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oh, lol like i said ya neve know...i realized a couple months ago that i could never be a marine biologist or oceanographer cause im not good enough in science and i need to know waay to much math..sometimes they work out, sometimes they dont :cool:

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i think we had a thread like this time ago but anyways...


i'm a student ending high school this september and join the uni this octobre i hope *cross fingers*

i want to go to study to murcia, i'll study english philology (5 years) then journalism (2 years). but may be i'll stay in my city and study the same here :/


i would like to live only writing (novels, poetry, essays.... articles, scripts, lyrics...).

so i would like to be a journalist with no bosses, publish a book or two a year and have my own band. but i think it is like have 3 jobs so i don't really i can do anything of them or not them all at same time...but i'll be like my own boss so that's cool...i hope one day i can get it.

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