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What do you want to be "when you grow up"?


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i... don't know yet, and i have to apply to university in march. . . i've been thinking about architecture (but it's expensive :/ ), then industrial design (again, money, and i haven't got much chance to pass the entering exams), then maths or physics or constructioning...

so basically... i'm pretty much f***ed up. :(

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I am studying art and design and wouldn't mind

desiging CD covers etc


That sounds cool!


I don't know yet. I would maybe like to study interior decoration or something like that...

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I want to be a photographer/photojournalist...not for gossip columns or any nonsense like tht, but i want to take pictures of the world. i want to open peoples eyes to things they never knew/ or realized was going on in their world. I would like to travel the world reporting all the good and the bad with my camera. maybe work for a mag. or be freelance(not sure yet) and i want to eventually open an art gallery of all of my work! :blush:

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